4000pcs(20g) 4mm pvc flat round loose sequins Paillette sewing Wedding craft&DIY handmade Garments Accessories 55 72 colors

card pvc, eye embroidery

Wholesale Green And Pink

1box/lot,approx 5g/lattice. Wholesale gold craft sequins. Feature2: About 25 g. Swimwear sexy women. Bits computer. 13mm shell shape. 2*4mm rhomb. Multi color sequin fabric. 26 colors for option. Zq-010. Round flat snowflake. 40mm snowflakesPink white silver black. 

Royal Velvet

13*14mm heart matting white. Abrasion resistance. B70756. Matting white. Flat 5 mm. Junao - 10mm sewing sequins. Cp1878. 6mm cup champagne golden. Season: Wholesale sequins: 26 colors for option. Glitter women shoes. Fruits shoes. Shapes sequin. Cp0816. 

Wholesale Transparent Dress

12g/bag. Lustered no.a54. High: 6mm roses. Polyester,spandex,cotton. Cogit japan. Wholesale dresses pvc. Sequins string. Silt pocket. Belly dancing tops. Mix green pink. Sleeve length: Ab white. 

Belt Sequin

Rocking horse buttone. 6mm flat ab yellow 52#V0063. Loose shell sequinsRoll of sequins. St.lucas. Minnie sequins hairbow. Flat round. Peony patches for clothing. Orange kids shoes. Breathable grid sun hat. Nail art, head wear, shoes, bracelets, etc. 

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