Hantek CC 65 AC/DC Current Clamp Meter 20KHz Bandwidth 20mA to 65A DC with BNC Connector

Wholesale smart joint, x clamp xbox

Skyrc 10a

2nf/20nf/200nf/2f/20f/200f/2mf/20mf. Insulation test: Vej60. 10%~95%+-(3.0%+2). Power factor : 400 -40mohm. Ic 3 digit. As the description. Connection: 42mm diameter. Others. 400?/4k?/40k?/400k?/4m?/40m?. Data logging: See the instructions. Hw1 0.2 ohm. Pince multimetre. 10 dbm. 9v 6f22 battery(not included). 280x70x45mm. 

Of Digital Multimeter

298*100*48mm. 200k ohm. 298mm*107mm*47mm. 2k ohm. 208mmx78mmx35mm. 2a~1000a. Dc voltage meter 5 digit. Inrush clamp. Wholesale clamp boxPc meter. (-40~ 1000) centigrade. 41x21mm. Dy4100 digital earth testerWholesale ms6812 mastech. 50hz/500hz/5khz/50khz/100khz. 

Electrical Meter For Electricians

400mv/4v/40v/400v/600v. Clamp meter ac. -10 to 50 degree. Material : Kt87n. Varistor tester. -40~1000 c. Voltage clamp meter. ≤2.5v. See description. 400mv -- 1000v. Digital voltage continuity tester. 20-200-600a. Ac dc tnt. 

Tools Soldering

25 x 12 x 6cm. Active power measurement range: Multi meter multimeter probe. Dc 1000v ac 750v. 60nf/600nf/6uf/60uf/600uf/6000uf/60mf. 183*61.3*35.6 mm. 222*86*32mm. 200-2k-20k-200k-2m-20m ω. Ac meter power. 40nf/40nf/4uf//40uf/400uf/4000uf. 

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